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School Cards

American Bank now offers you instant access to Debit Cards.  No more waiting for the card to arrive in the mail!  

Instant issue also offers you quick replacement in the event your American Bank debit card is lost or stolen. 



We have just the right card for you in our gallery of cards. 

We offer landscapes, sports themes and others.  You can pick one of these cards for just $5.00 or select the free American Bank standard card.

Instant Card Gallery


Do you want to show support for your local school? 

We also have school cards available from many schools in the community.

Instant Card School Gallery


Stop by your local branch today and get your new card. 

If you still have questions or need additional information, please call us at 254-412-2000.

Please note when your card is up for renewal, you will receive a standard card in the mail unless you notify us.